We focus on providing alternative capital solutions to performing middle-market companies and help them drive, thrive, and maintain autonomy through our PELOC program, a cost-sustainable leverage financing solution.

At PRIEQUITY, we have a straightforward investment strategy: Generate fixed returns for our investors by investing in the safest and strongest performing business segment in the economy, the middle market segment.

Middle market companies represent 3% of businesses in the economy and are responsible for a third of the U.S. GDP. Despite their continuous strong performances, they have limited funding options when their growth plan exceeds their borrowing capacity. Oftentimes, they turn to high-cost alternative financing options.

We are filling in the growing needs of performing middle-market companies' demand for cost-sustainable alternative financing solution by providing a Private Equity Business Line of Credit (PELOC) to help this performing segment leverage, so they can drive, thrive, and maintain autonomy in their growth journey.

Our PELOC Program is designed to offer middle market companies low-cost, asset-back, non-recourse funding solutions for their general corporate purpose. As an investor, we will maintain the first lien position.

PRIEQUITY originates, holds, and services all loans. We provide high-quality customer service to build long-term relationships with our borrowers.


The Operators' Experience & Track Records

Operating Cash Flow (OCF)

Pro Forma Earnings

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)

PELOC Amount


Interest Rate

Starting at 4% fixed, Interest-Only


Up to 10 Years


1.25 or above

Geographic Region





Asset-backed, Non-Recourse, UCC Article 9 Filing



Redemption Premium


Arrangement Fee

6% - 7% (depending on deal size) of the LOC to be paid from first draw

Security Deposit

10% of the LOC amount into an Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA) Non-Depletion Escrow Account, Returned Upon Full Payment of Principal and Interest

Security Deposit

10% of the LOC amount wired to a corporate account with a Non-Depletion agreement.

Application Fee

$7,000 flat


6 Months


Ideal Partners

Use Case / Scenario

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